Hebridean Sheep for Sale or Loan

Only current members of the Society can advertise stock for sale or loan on this website. Non members looking for sheep are welcome to put an ad on the Sheep Wanted page.

To Place an Advertisement

Please contact us giving details of the animals for sale. Please include your contact information, an approximate location (e.g your county or nearby town)  plus a note of your Flock Prefix and Flock Registration Number.

All sheep advertised must either be registered or Birth Notified with the Society.

Members with sheep for sale

Below is a list of Hebridean Sheep Society members who currently have sheep for sale.

All sheep are sold as seen and at the risk of the purchaser. Please note that these sheep cannot be guaranteed by the Society.

Ballyeo Flock, 06599
Advert Ad1815 posted 9 July 2018

12 Ewe lambs for sale, two horned and multi-horned. Will be registered prior to sale. Variety of 2017, two horned and multi horned rams available for sale and can be registered. 4 x 2016 registered ewes for sale. All vaccinated and wormed. Delivery within the Aberdeenshire possible with prior arrangement. Newmachar, Aberdeenshire.
Nick 07786 879535 Email

Bosbury Flock, 06740
Advert Ad1814 posted 9 July 2018

Hebridean Ram lambs born April 18, Bosbury Arthur and Bosbury Albert. Sited by Vault Viridian who came second at the three counties show this year. Weaned and registered. Herefordshire.
Jess 07722 613476 Email

Brookside Flock, 06750
Advert Ad1813 posted 9 July 2018

We have the following pedigree registered  Hebridean 2 horn sheep for sale. Ram, Mullach Rothesay, 2349/15, (sire Skipwith Quoich, dam Mullach Narcissus). Also 8 ewes, 4 born 2015, 4 born 2016. All healthy and will come to food bucket, are sheared and fully vaccinated. In 2018 ram and ewes have produced beautiful strong healthy lambs.
Derbyshire area.
Christine Hill 07799 561141 Email

Rigton Flock, 06108
Advert Ad1812 posted 9 July 2018

I am in Yorkshire and retiring from keeping sheep so selling up. Established small flock led by Knox Orfeo ram that won at Great Yorkshire Show a few years ago, 6 ewes with 11 lambs at foot by Orfeo. Also 2 shearling ewes and 2 older rams who are Orfeo's offspring. Good home more important than price.
Anne Skinner 07788 299733 Email

Airfield Flock, 06667
Advert Ad1811 posted 9 July 2018

Variety of registered sheep for sale. One registered 2 year old ewe with single ewe lamb at foot. One registered 2 year old ewe. One ewe lamb and one ram lamb both available when weaned. All ewe lambs put in for registration. Ram lamb is not castrated and is birth notified, so can be registered if required. All very friendly - bucket trained and easily bribed with nuts! Located Bedfordshire. Sire of lambs Rye End Caradoc.
Contact Seller

Hirsel Flock, 06641
Advert Ad1810 posted 24 June 2018

The Hirsel, near Ardgay, in the Highlands, currently has the following HSS registered rams for sale: 510466-00022 (Hirsel Blair); 510466-00028 (Hirsel Barra); 510466-00029 (Hirsel Bowen); 510466-00031 (Hirsel Brendan). All sired by 564719-00077 (Slipperfield Donald). All born April 2017. Bucket trained and on the Heptavac system. Pics and further information available via www.thehirsel.com. Viewings, also of sire/dams, can be arranged.
Contact Seller

Holford Manor Flock, 06460
Advert Ad1809 posted 12 June 2018

I have the following rams for sale. 0644/16 (0272284/00038), 1108/17 (0272284/00176), 1109/17 (0272284/00223), 1110/17 (0272284/00210). All fully vaccinated & treated for strike. East Sussex www.holfordfarm.com
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Stornoway Flock, 06561
Advert Ad1807 posted 8 June 2018

Registered pedigree ewes for sale - range of ages from 2 years to 4 years Staffordshire area. 07985112138
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Clanger Flock, 05652
Advert Ad1806 posted 23 May 2018

Six registered pedigree ewes for sale with lambs at foot - range of ages from 2 years to 6 years - all with twins born April 2018. 3 ewes with ewe lambs; 1 ewe with ram lambs and 2 ewes with one ram and one ewe lamb. Also 1 shearling ewe. Easily managed flock - will come to food bucket - Bedfordshire/Hertfordshire border. All ewe lambs put in for registration - ram lambs not castrated, births notified so could be registered. Sire of lambs and shearling Rye-End Caradoc.
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Advertisements will stay on the website for a maximum of three months from date of publication unless otherwise requested by the vendor.

Export of Hebridean Sheep

Any arrangements for export of Hebridean sheep must be made directly betwen the purchaser and vendor.  The Society is not able to mediate the export process.

Buying Registered stock

  • Registered stock will have a metal ear tag engraved 'HEB.SS' along with it's individual registration number, plus year of birth. They will also have a yellow A4 registration document with tag numbers that match those on the animal.
  • You must be handed the tear-off portion at the bottom of registration document when purchasing your sheep.
  • Hebridean sheep can only be registered by the breeder and only if they are the progeny of fully registered parents.
  • Hebridean sheep sold as 'pure-bred' but without the registration document or registration ear-tag are probably not registered and probably cannot be registered retrospectively.

If you have any queries about registration, please contact the Registration Secretary by email or by telephone on 01270 780 583.

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