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Ads from Society Members for products from their sheep such as meat, wool, fleece, skins, horns appear on this page.

All goods are sold as seen and at the risk of the purchaser. Please note that none of the products sold in response to these ads can be guaranteed by the Hebridean Sheep Society.

Wanted : Fleece for Crafts
Advert Ad1805 posted 21 May 2018

I would like to be Hebridean sheep fleece for crafts. Preferably dark wool from a young sheep. Preferably washed and carded, but raw is ok too.

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Electric Clippers for Sale
Advert Ad1804 posted 16 May 2018

Rye End flock has for sale:
Lister Laser Electric Clippers No 6634
220-240 V, 170 W
Weight 1450 gram

 Boxed with instruction book and 2 sets of blades .

The clippers have had very little use as there is no electricity in the barn.

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Wanted : Fleece for Spinning
Jackie Spence would like to buy a fleece for spinning.
Contact email : kevin.spence@ntlworld.com

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