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Photo posted on: 18th Apr, 2018

Spring and six lambs from five ewes, not a bad result.

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Status updated: 18th Apr, 2018

I'm not a member, and for that I apologise, but 20+ years ago I had the dubious distinction of probably keeping the largest flock of Hebridean sheep - extant, …. and I learned two things; Firstly that four-horned sheep are freaks and only produce more freaks which can never promote the breed …. and …. Secondly that the Heb ewe, when put to a Texel tup produces ewe lambs which when put back to a Texel, produce lambs which will surpass many of the traditional commercials.

Photo posted on: 16th Apr, 2018

Garn-clochdy Raven and lamb April 2018

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Status updated: 13th Apr, 2018

Someone has sent an envelope to the Registration Secretary! I assume it had something in it at one point, but it hadn't been sealed so was completely empty. It arrived today (12th) with 2 first class stamps on it. The postmark is indistinct, but says "North & West" .....something - which may say "Yorkshire"? If it was you, please contact me.

Photo posted on: 8th Apr, 2018

Nice treat this morning 👍

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Photo posted on: 2nd Apr, 2018

A beautiful Hebridean Sheep. Photo taken at Rutland Water Nature Reserve by Sofia Gammage #HebrideanSheepSociety #ThroughTheLookingGlass06 #HebrideanSheep #RutlandWaterNatureReserve

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Photo posted on: 1st Apr, 2018

Well, we weren’t supposed to be lambing this year but are pleased to welcome the first two arrivals to the new Sheriffside Flock. Thanks due to Ardoch Hebrideans for the enthusiasm of one of their rams Ardoch Endeavour and his fence jumping proficiency towards Gladstone Goldie

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Link posted on: 28th Mar, 2018

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Photo posted on: 27th Mar, 2018

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Photo posted on: 25th Mar, 2018


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Link posted on: 23rd Mar, 2018


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Status updated: 22nd Mar, 2018

The 2017 Flockbook has been sent out to those who registered sheep last year, but the printers left a page out. They will therefore be posting out page 14a shortly, which should explain a strange item arriving on your doorstep.

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